Realizations in this time of Pandemic

It has been months since a public health was declared all over the world. A battle of human survival of which the opponent can't be seen by our naked eye. Many has greatly affected; the rich and the poor, the young and the old, the strong and the weak. It doesn't even recognize the race and the culture.

Who would have even thought that this pandemic has drastically changed a lot of things that we used to. Busy streets, crowded malls, partying over the weekend, travelling out of town, enjoying friends company and a lot more. In a snap, things have really changed. Busy streets have turned to an empty streets. Crowded malls that were most people spend their pastime have suddenly closed. Partying over the weekend has turned to enjoying the comfort of your bed. And from travelling out of town and enjoying friends company to realizing the gaps between your family and making up with them. And, of course, enjoying the home cooked meals. Our mother nature is even healing from the natural and manmade disasters.

COVID-19 brought us a lot of realizations. Realizations that we mostly have taken for granted. We always seek for the big things and we didn't even realize that we need to see the beauty in the small things.

As we have to strengthen our faith for we are nothing without Our Creator. Never stop praying and repent for our sins. This will be over and we will win against this battle as one.

Spread kindness, not the virus.