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Are you a student who wants to improve your vocabulary skills? An English Enthusiast who enjoys learning new words? Or just looking for some fun in this time of quarantine? Well, JumBulary welcomes you to this fun and exciting game with some added twist of learning experience.

This game aims to widen your vocabulary, increase your spelling abilities and will work your brain out by arranging scramble letters to frame the correct word. A tool that promotes fun while learning.

JumBulary is created to improve your vocabulary. We should always put in our mind that learning never stops. It should be a continuous learning specially in this time of quarantine. While some are doing their work online, students having some online classes, or most of us spend our time on our devices, why not spend your free time learning new vocabulary? With some added twist, we developed it as a game. We will challenge your mind solving the scrambled letters to form the right words. Don't worry! Definitions will be your hints. Tips: Vocabulary really matters. Know the type and level of your audience.