How COVID-19 change the means of learning

Most of us have grown by face-to-face classes. A connection between the teacher and his students. How the teacher can physically teach his students. And, even how the students enjoy having their friends as their seatmates.

Nostalgic. As we were to describe our experiences when we were still studying in a face-to-face classes. We really get excited and nervous when summer is about to end. Classes starts, another school year, old friends and some are new classmates. We were used to that setup until this pandemic change everything even the means of learning.

We are now adapting the new normal. Most of the students have chosen the distance online learning. The students have to spend their classes through laptops and monitors. Where internet access is much more even necessary. Teachers have even put up their best to give the quality of learning through online despite this new normal. Salute to the Teachers!

Not all of us has adjusted. Some are struggling, some are getting along. But little by little, we will to be able to cope up with this new normal. And hopefully, we can get back to the face-to-face classes.